NameCheap PositiveSSL

SSL certificate providers such as GoGetSSL, Namecheap, SSLPoint, etc. provide SSL certificates at a low price since they purchase bulk SSL certificates and provide their customers with SSL at a low price compared to the original price of CA.

Make sure you get the same certificate features that certificate authority issues to your customer if you can buy your SSL certificate from the above SSL certificate providers. Yes, it is secure for all of the above certificate providers to purchase SSL

Here is the list of key items that need to be taken care of when selecting any certificate provider:

  • Maximum Level of Security/Encryption
  • Certificate Validation Type
  • Issuance Time
  • Provide Trust Site Seal
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Warranty Amount
  • Refund Policy
  • SSL Experts Support

What is PositiveSSL NameCheap?

The most common and inexpensive SSL Certificate introduced by the most trusted CA Comodo is A Positive SSL. It’s a validated SSL domain that can be provided by simply checking ownership of the domain. This cheap, hassle-free certificate is an ideal SSL certificate entry-level solution for blogs, personal pages and other websites that do not manage large volumes of user details. Like all of Namecheap’s low-cost SSL solutions, PositiveSSL gives your site encryption, validation, and trustworthiness.

So, It’s the perfect solution for the entry stage. The certificate is intended for website encryption for low-volume online transactions too.

  •  Great for personal websites or social media
  •  Domain Validation
  •  Single Domain
  •  Encryption (up to 256-bit)

With PositiveSSL, what do you get?

Domain Validation

Comodo checks domain ownership before issuing the certificate. Domain-validated certificates are usually issued in just minutes.

Single-Domain Security

The Comodo PositiveSSL certificate provides validation for a single domain name.

$10,000 Warranty

Warranty applies to the amount paid to your clients by Comodo, should any of them suffer a loss due to a mis-issued certificate. A $10,000 warranty comes with PositiveSSL.

Free Site Seal

The free static Site Seal comes with your PositiveSSL certificate. To let customers know they’re shopping on a safe platform, you can show the seal anywhere on your platform.

No Paperwork

The process of validation takes place online, so you don’t need to think about paperwork. It’s straightforward and reliable!

15-Day Refund Policy

A 15-Day Refund Policy comes with the Comodo Positive SSL certificate, so you can take time to be fully sure you have purchased the right certificate for your needs.

NameCheap PositiveSSL Features



Domains Included


Add'l Domains


Great for

Personal Websites

Validation Level

Domain (DV)



Secures and

Local Domains

Not Available

Mobile Support





15 days



Browser Support



Free, unlimited

Key Length

RSA key length from 2048-bit


up to 256-bit

$8.88 for 1/yr